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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Stormwater plan progressing contrary to Current article

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The Current’s coverage of the Feb. 7’s Village Council meeting was misleading. The Village’s stormwater plan is not “in limbo” as reported in the headline.  

Rather, the plan is progressing at an expected pace...

Letters to the Editor: Time for taxpayers to pay attention

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We have been closely following the financial situation at Winnetka District 36 for several years. D36 is the single largest component of our tax bills, and one of the reasons that the Winnetka real estate market is so slow is because...

Letters to the Editor: NT diversity program important for students

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I do not have kids at New Trier yet, so I was unaware that they have an all-day forum on civil rights (“NT diversity program sparks community conversation,” — Jan. 26 edition of The [Current]). 

I think the first...