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Photo Poll

Week of October 20, 2014

“Where is the best place to trick or treat in Winnetka?”

Fellow the big houses

Connor Larkin

Ardsley Road. There are big houses there.

Chris Bechtel

The house by Hubbard Woods School. They give out caramel apples.

Madyn Lewis

When we were kids we went up and down Sheridan Road. That’s where we got all the big candy bars.

Nicholas McHugh

Week of October 7, 2014

“What’s your favorite place to visit in October?”

“I like to apple pick at a farm that isn’t around here.”

Graham Gerth

“An Oktoberfest at my friend’s house.”

Whit Courage

I’ve gone to the haunted house at Winnetka Community House since third grade.”

Allie Forsyth

“The pumpkin patch at North Shore Country Club.”

Chloe Biesl