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Ellie Hanlon (center) and the company hold up Laila Blum in “Hard to Hold,” which was choreographed by guest artist Kaitlin Webster, during the 2019 Kinesis show at New Trier. Photos by Lois Bernstein/22nd Century Media
Olivia Ho (left) is supported by Hannah Li in the Kinesis dance “Reaching.”
Dancers (left to right) Erin Zielke, Allison O’Bara and Marin Freedman perform in the dance “Kith.”
The company dance called “Hard to Hold.”
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
5:25 am CST February 12, 2020

Kinesis, New Trier’s modern dance company, not only presented an original array of performances on Thursday-Saturday, Feb. 6-8, but gave attendees insight into the process of choreography and the heart and soul that goes into producing dance.