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Students from New Trier feeder schools work with New Trier students on STEM-related projects during an educational summer camp at the Northfield campus July 31-Aug. 4. PHOTOS BY JACQUELINE GLOSNIAK/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Grace Curry, 13, of Winnetka, Thomas McShane, 17, of Glencoe (center), and Kian Nematollahi, 17, of Northfield, work on constructing a catapult.
Ryan Epstein, 11, of Northfield.
Winnetkans David Rivera, 13, and Hannah Schuette, 10, build a propelling device.
Wilmette residents Laura Brubaker, 19 (left), and Tara O’Connor, 16, work on a computer engineering model rendering.
Jacqueline Glosniak, Editor
2:48 pm CDT August 7, 2017
In recent years, a science, technology, engineering and math initiative, or STEM, has taken over the curriculums of elementary and high schoolers across the country, promising a foundation for academic success at the college level as well as opportunities of exploration for future, in-demand careers across technologically-based fields. But while the majority of American students only practice STEM during the academic year, since 2013, kids across New Trier Township have spent a week of their cherished summer vacations relishing in projects and learning from professionals on subjects including construction, architecture, electronics, engineering and more.