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New Trier freshmen boys cheer at the spirit week pep rally Oct. 6 at the Northfield campus, culminating a week of colorful campus events. PHOTOS BY LOIS BERNSTEIN/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Freshman Neve Tribe performs a cheerleading routine at the pep rally.
Trevius Maximus leads the crowd to do the wave.
Despite rain, members of the boys varsity basketball team dance at the football game’s halftime in the evening.
Spencer Boehm (left) holds Peyton Pawelczyk and Ciaran Brayboy (right) holds Ava Lotsoff as the dance team performs with the boys basketball team at halftime.
Members of Varsity Voices and Swing Choir sing the National Anthem prior to the game.
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3:42 pm CDT October 9, 2017