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Dana Roeser and Milena Fay aim to wow audiences around the world with their global, colorful approach to decorating the home with RoeserFay Interiors in Winnetka. PHOTOS SUBMITTED
Roeser (left) and Fay.
Jacqueline Glosniak, Editor
3:04 pm CDT July 10, 2017
Whimsical crayon drawings on the fridge, bright colored paintings found on sale adding a pop of color to a favorite room and family tchotchkes haphazardly displayed in a curio cabinet are what probably come to most people’s minds when considering the topic of art in the home. In the midst of everything else stored throughout our abodes, most of us probably fail to consider that our homes themselves are actually works of art, or at least personal masterpieces in progress. However, one Winnetka interior design firm is setting out to change that notion with its relaxed, worldly approach to home styling.