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Northfield woman charged with attempted murder after knife attack in car
Police Reports: Boat cover stolen from residence
Police Reports: Burglar makes entry to home, steals two wallets
Police Reports: Vandal hurls watermelon at resident’s front door on consecutive nights
Police Reports: Chicago man steals candy, drinks from The Grand
Police Reports: $7K camera stolen from plumber in Northfield
Police Reports: Thief with outstanding warrants resists arrest at Walgreens
Police Reports: Fly ball smacks passing vehicle on Willow Road
Breaking News: Pedestrian killed by train near Indian Hill station
Police Reports: Alarming phone call frightens Northfield residents
Police Reports: Two airline tickets fraudulently purchased with resident’s info
Police Reports: Unknown offender causes $5K worth of boathouse, deck damages
Police Reports: Wilmette man busted for delivery, possession of drugs
Police Reports: Unknown e-mailer demands money, threatens with virus, pornography
Northfield Police: Chicago street gangs culprit of car burglaries
Police Reports: Flooring, jewelry stolen in two residential burglaries
Breaking News: Woman killed by vehicle outside Stormy’s Tavern
Police Reports: Political signs stolen from train station
Police Reports: Two Winnetka businesses fall victim to theft
Police Reports: Officers detect cannabis on driver, find illegal gun, drugs
Police Reports: Glencoe woman nabbed for stealing jewelry
Police Reports: Homeowner finds front-door lock drilled through in Northfield
Police Reports: Suspicious man requests style feedback at Northfield salon
Police: Rash of home burglaries nothing out of the ordinary
Police Reports: Two Winnetka clothing stores report shoplifting