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Breaking out of her shell: Once-shy New Trier high-schooler Showbiz Shelly becomes a Chicago radio star

by Megan Bernard, Contributing Editor Life & Arts, Living

When Shelly Menaker didn’t make New Trier High School’s volleyball team, it led her down a path she was destined for. 

“I started playing volleyball in junior high and wanted to pursue it in high school,” said Menaker...

Big laughs from Winnetka: Local improv guru brings unique comedy series to The Book Stall

by Jacqueline Glosniak, Editor Life & Arts, Living, The Arts

Chicago is home to revolutionary comedy clubs like The Second City and iO Chicago and a notable breeding ground for dozens of talented actors, comedians and improv artists from around the country. 

One Winnetka man,...

Developing digital dialogues: New Trier graduate helps make screens more meaningful

by Jacqueline Glosniak, Editor Life & Arts, Living

Today, the two most common observances of parents versus children and technology are either parents yelling at kids to unplug from their devices after hours of use, or allowing devices to literally babysit their children — at the park...