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Northfield resident Will Ryan, as Bob Cratchit (center), holds Glencoe resident Caleb Jaberg, 6, playing Tiny Tim, during the Winnetka Community House’s performace of “A Christmas Carol.” The shows played on Dec. 2 and 3, with all ticket proceeds benefitting WCH’s educational and recreational programs. PHOTOS BY RHONDA HOLCOMB/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Ebenezer Scrooge (left), played by Tim Walsh, of Schaumburg, talks in his counting house with Cratchit.
Christmas Past, played by Winnetkan Beth Ann Papoutsis, shows Scrooge himself as a boy at school, played by Winnetkan George Betsill, 9.
The Ghost of Christmas Present, played by Dave Impey, of Wilmette, shows Scrooge a group of street urchins in the foreground.
School teacher Sarah, played by Papoutsis, is joined by a group of street children.
Tiny Tim sits on his father, Bob Cratchit’s, lap, and sings at the family dinner table.
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1:27 pm CST December 5, 2017