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Winnetka residents Grady Evert (left), 9, and Barrett Burke, 7, climb a rock wall June 8 at the Winnetka Community Nursery School’s annual Children’s Fair on the Village Green. PHOTOS BY RHONDA HOLCOMB/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Emerson Beck, 5, of Winnetka, rides Jaeger the camel.
Kate Hagenah, of Winnetka, dances with her sons Theo, 3, and Ben, 6, as her husband, Chris, leads his band Chino Palamino in song.
Winnetkans Aidan Schirf (left), 13, and Erik Iancu, 12, enjoy a fast ride.
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
2:19 pm CDT June 12, 2018

When Lizzie Kelley, co-chair of the Winnetka Community Nursery School Children’s Fair, awoke on the morning of June 8 only to see gloomy skies and hear rumbles of thunder, she immediately wondered if Mother Nature was going to literally rain on her parade. But, much to her delight, regardless of a short burst of downpours, the crowds came, the music played and a 73-year tradition carried on, putting a smile on the faces of the hundreds of families who enjoyed this year’s games, rides, foods and fun.