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11:32 am CST February 19, 2019

I write in response to Katherine Scullion’s Jan. 29 2019 letter regarding Winnetka’s proposed bond initiative. Ms. Scullion rightfully suggests that District 36 explains its Future Ready modernization plan and supporting bond issuance. It is now doing so at a variety of public events scheduled for this purpose.  


The tax impact of $27 in Mr Wick's letter above is incorrect in both the amount and interpretation. The District published number is actually $276 annually and applies to an assessed property value of $1M - not a median tax bill. That represents the increase is from the 2016 and 2017 tax bills. Superintendent Kocanda clarified at the community meeting at Crow Island school on 2/20/19 that the increase over taxes paid in 2018 and due 3/1/2019 is approximately $450/$1M assessed value. Winnetka taxpayers deserve transparent, straightforward figures to fairly judge the merits and risks of this record-breaking $100 M project.

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