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Glenn Cooper, played by student Jacob Imber (second from left) accidentally let it slip to a police officer (far left), played by Katie Maatman, that a gun went off in the house during New Trier’s production of “Rumors.” Partygoers reacting to the news include students (left to right) Kelly Foy, Teddy Fischer, Elise Reehl, Rebecca Smith and Isaac Slomski-Pritz. PHOTOS BY LOIS BERNSTEIN/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Fischer, as Ken Gorman, tries to listen to what people are saying outside the house.
Foy (center), as Cookie Cusack, has a bad back and is helped to the couch by Max Rezek-TeWinkle (left), as Lenny Ganz, and Reehl.
Fischer acts distraught as Reehl speaks on the phone with a doctor.
Staff Report
5:08 pm CDT May 14, 2018

The Performing Arts Division of New Trier High School presented this year’s spring play, “Rumors” by Neil Simon, with special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. The production ran May 9-11 in the Winnetka campus’ McGee Theatre.