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Greeley School’s Interim Principal Joshua Swanner briefly addresses students and guests Aug. 25 at the school’s ribbon cutting ceremony for their new playground. PHOTOS BY RHONDA HOLCOMB/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Swanner introduces himself to first-grader Marissa Kastelic, 6, of Winnetka, as her mother, Laura, and sisters Chloe, 11, and Ella, 13, look on.
Michael Dyer, 4, of Winnetka, has fun climbing on the new playground.
Winnetkans Jack Snyder (left) and Spencer Schenck sit atop a new play structure.
The Savina family’s (left to right) Ava, 7, Marshall, 5, Cade, 7, and mom, Christina, are welcomed by Swanner.
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3:22 pm CDT September 18, 2017