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Nathan Worcester, Freelance Reporter
3:07 pm CST March 7, 2018

After a spirited debate and public comment session, a majority of the Winnetka Village Council introduced an ordinance reducing the Village’s Plan Commission from 13 to 10 members at its Tuesday, March 6 meeting. 


Planning commission(s) sounds as ominous as it acts. So many issues highlighted in this article including the debacle that continues to be OneWinnetka and the fact that volunteers are involved in "green initiatives" while retail flees Winnetka and storefronts continue to be abandoned. Planning commission, Zoning board of appeals, Design review board? What are all these people doing except slowing down and stifling potential investment in our town? The fact there there aren't cranes in the air and OneWinnetka celebrating it's grand opening is a testament to bureaucratic bumbling that good intentions have created.

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